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For Gemini strike: -Summon Goggle Golem -Activate Gemini Booster on Goggle Golem -Activate Symbols of Duty -Special summon Darkstorm Dragon -And use the effect of Gemini Booster on Gemini Soldier Hope this helps someone.
Really helpful, thanks
I had no idea sword of the soul eater had that kind of interaction with gemini, thanks
You can only equip sword of the soul eater on a NORMAL monster, activating the gemini's ability makes the card an effect monster, therefore the sword gets destroyed.
God bless thy soul
Tom Hanks
Mikito 16days ago
Anoymous 15days ago
technically this is incorrect the card states "you can only equip this to x monster" meaning "upon activation" not "this card can only be equipped to x monster" which would make it fall off when the requirements change.

This distinction in wording is common in CCGs and has been applied to yugioh since day 1.

Feel free to go google it to see that I am not full of crap.



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The skill makes them trash they cant atk So gategardian is better tham those 3 as I know
Will Kaiba not attack suijin with DD?
ultimate rising ultimate rising
PLEASE do that! I'll be looking forward to it with high hopes lol!!
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