Aromage Synchro: deck recipe [June 2019 Updated]

master of akiza
i run this pretty 🔥ing black rose aromage deck if anyone wants recipe
i would love a version that doesn't run Armades, Keeper of Boundaries and Junk Synchron :P
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
Swap the Junks for Spores and Rose Lover.
Swap Armades for...idk, Uruquizas
<< Anonymous(MrTommo999)
I personally would like to see a version that uses AFD and ASW.
<< Anonymous
What do you mean by AFD and ASW? Pretty vague...
<< Anonymous
Ancient fairy Dragon
Ancient sacred wyvern
<< Anonymous
Yeah, it's Ancient Fairy Dragon and Ancient Sacred Wyvern.

Bonus point if the deck is used with Luna as the character.


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Agree, too much useless vanilla. Why did they stop putting in 2000 ATK level 4 vanillas? They ...
So, I've been having some luck in KC Cup with this variant! I'm going to go for KoG for...
A tip: destroy opponent's monster in battle, bring out Sphere of Chaos, attack with Sphere o...
Too bad this card doesn't Special Summon like Chaos-End Master, only adds to hand.
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