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Nyan Nyan 22days ago
Hi everyone, this is the auto-beatdown deck I have earnestly built after a month of playing. If you want to build this deck, make sure you can open all the packs in-game except Land of the Titans. What differs it from other auto-duel deck is its multi-variated gameplay, YOU WON'T GET BORED even if all you have to do is watch it for a couple of minutes. Enjoy! Btw, I'm a hardworking f2p!
Anoymous 22days ago
You trollz or whut? without opening packs, I can only build La jinn, lolz.. and no, you are a liar, you only played for a month, you are f2p, and you already got those much cookies? I say, you are a dirty, lying, cash cow.
Anoymous 22days ago
That prisma lotus looks sexy af.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 22days ago
First anon, when was the last time you prayed before going to bed?
Anoymous 19days ago
with only 2 rare cards and the others are UR and SR. Yes f2p player. Pffffttttttttttttttt
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 19days ago
You know he could just have put a lot of time into Duel Links right? I am a f2p player too and have all of these cards plus more



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Tribute to the doomed says hi
since currently there is no other way to obtain it* my bad.
I feel ya, had same thing happen to me on Valkyrie's Rage before and ended up opening 199 pa...
this card has a bug
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