Declan Akaba

Let’s hope we get Shay as a first unlockable character in the future.
It really depends on who or how many we get first upon the world release.

My guess is Yuya, Yuzu and Gongenzaka are the only 3 character we get upon release, with Sora being the first unlockable.
<< Anonymous
Actually Shay is going to be first.
Why is he first? That makes little sense in terms of both the show pacing and how Sora is a more prominent character
I wouldn't complain, but it doesn't seem logical
<< Anonymous
Shouldn't Shun/Shay come after Yuto instead?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 24days ago
Why do you think Shay will be first? By all accounts Declan is the most likely next character for Arc-V both in terms of game data that I have seen and the plotline of Arc-V. After him the next Arc-V character will probably be Sora, Shay, or Yuto.
<< Anonymous
MangakaJ96 23days ago
Declan is first. The quote in Notifications states "You'll learn that my power transcends dimensions".


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