King of Game decks [Nov 2018]

HaDes 13days ago
Well the guy that said Luxun and other early KoG players use hacks must be one of those who lost to fur hires during 5 consecutive months
Luxun 13days ago
Lol thanks for standing up for me, bro :)
Anoymous 13days ago
haha and sure they only use the super expensive credit card decks... wasting his money.
LOOOL 13days ago
Let's be cruel.
Maybe we should share your pic until the guys collapse in frustration. Just an idea.
<< Anonymous(Seriously)
Deman 13days ago
Im sure he the same one said the link to my video have hack, and try to discredit me by imitated me and post porn. Let me tell you, I do meme but I do not troll.
Nimbus 12days ago
When someone is nothing more than a sore loser, then they just try to hide their failure as much as they can and bashing the ones who keep whining is their way to overcome their own lack of success. Its pretty sad actually.
Seriously 11days ago
Oh boi, those guys were the worst players I've seen in my life.



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Why doesn't Divine Punishment destroy Galaxy Cyclone? My opponent activated it and I got no ...
There is some f2p deck there , take that grass spellbook for example
I have 30 packs left and silvers cry is last remaining UR as well, I just gave up building blue eyes
seriously though.. i wish they would make tag duels a game mode in pvp or have some kinda online ...
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