Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon

From what many people assume, Solid Dragon's effect can't activate during the damage step because it doesn't directly involve stats modification. For example against a Gravekeeper's Guard. Then, can Slash dragon's effect protect from this same target effect ?
I think in your last sentence you forgot to ask : "why" can Slash dragon's effect protect from this same target effect ?

I also am interested in the answer.
<< Anonymous
I think this is actually a bug
<< Anonymous
I can confirm, this card's effect is bugged.

It is a bug that Konami still didn't fix yet.
What are they doing?
<< Anonymous
I see, there is a blue-eyes card that is still bugged but instead of fixing it Konami is releasing new blue-eyes support instead.

What a weird move.
It is actually because no one can summon a monster during a damage step. Damage step restrict solid dragon effect activation in the first place, which explain why he cant use its effect since its involves special summoning
<< Anonymous
Special Summon can happen during Damage Step, if a card's effect that Special Summon specifies its activation window as something only happens during Damage Step.


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