11th Main Box: Valiant Souls

where the fking are amazonnes field spell?
Yea for real :/
it will only become a skill like harpies hunting ground. having multiple copies is too OP for this game.
<< Anonymous
ssa exist but village is too op... konami logic.
Watch out, capital letter at the beginning of each sentence please
it is banned from the tcg and you kiddo want it in game? Dont you want to introduce egyptian gods as well? Sure you want monster reincarnation as well.
<< Anonymous
To the "Anoymous" above me those cards are in the game my dude.Do you mean Monster Reborn(Which is also in the game but only NPCs can use)? Cause we have Ra and Osiris/Slifer we just need one order of Obelisk and we're good with the Egyptian God Cards
<< Anonymous
It's an old copy-pasta from shard of greed page
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2
Banned in TCG? You sure?
Amazoness have never even been played in TCG.



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DON'T WASTE YOUR GEMS. wait for the next main box lol, not matter what decks came from this,...
Well compared to many events we had the tabletop RPG event is creative with RPG elements and not ...
Silent Swordman = meh Silent Magician = Waifu
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