Skills (Yu-Gi-Oh! DM)

Reid Harzel
heavy starter
Reid Harzel
surprise present
Reid Harzel
I Got it at close beta, Duel, Standby!

Give more 1 card at start duel
Hi Reid Harzel,
Thank you for your screenshots. That are very helpful, and I added those information to the page. One of Tea's skills, Duel, standby!, seems to be very useful. Hope it still in the game!
Reid Harzel
this from my friend
Do we have to duel against lvl 30/40 to get destiny draw? Or is it against any lvl? Thanks in advance :)
<< Anonymous(Kira)
i got that skill, duel with any lvl 40 LDs
<< Anonymous(Kira)
Any Level, but like with Lvl 10 and 20 the chances are really low but you can get drop skills.



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Bad move on Komoneys part, now the skill won’t ever be used. That’s what the get for ...
After the most recent devastating nerf for this deck, all a have to say is this.
Peep how spell books are still untouched for so long
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