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Really Konami? the power creep is getting annoying
vanilla beaters are not relevant in this meta whatsoever, and probably wont ever be relevant again. who cares if they release an 1850 attack guy when every deck can already beat it easily?
Power creep in Duel Links is more like power jogging along the sidewalk in plain sight.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
lol whatever mate, vanilla beaters + sergeant electro combined with SRH, econ and a trippy little magical arm shield for field spammers and you easily get into Legend.
<< Anonymous
Wrong. Ice and nat will 🔥 u in one turn.
<< Anonymous
^^ and then you get raped by pheonix, toons, and ice barrier that stops your backrow. Also lost to hazy flame, red-eyes, mako, naturia, ninjas, etc that can run the same staples backrow with better efficiency.

Non-good-effect beater in a pack should've never be put in rarity higher than R coz they will get power creeped quickly


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