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Can anybody explain why my BEUD is not comeback after banish with this card? Note: i summon BEUD with summoner of illusion effect. And aftet that i use DG to bannish BEUD hope it will gate back. But its not after i destroy face up DG with storm or when my opponent monster declare a direct attack next turn. What exactly happening here? Why DG doesn't work instead of interdimentional transporter?
Dimension Gate special summons and you cannot special summon fusions unless the card says so. tldr; don't gate fusions.
Player J
DG is working perfectly fine.
The problem is you are doing an illegal play.
You are trying to Special Summon a monster which is improperly Summoned!

BEUD is a fusion monster which has a summoning condition.

The Summon Condition is 3 Blue-Eyes dragons.
When you do the Summon Condition which is said on the card, You have done what is called a Proper Summon.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
You have gone the extra effort to Properly Summon BEUD by doing so the game rewards you!

The way the game rewards you is by allowing you to Re-Special Summon BEUD any time!

If your BEUD was to die and go to the grave, You could use a card to special summon him back from the grave.
If you used DG on BEUD, You could special summon him back from the banish zone.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Now you might ask why can't you bring back BEUD?

The reason you can't bring him back is because of the way you summoned him!

You used Summon of Illusion to bypass his Summoning Condition.

In a way, You tried to be sneaky/clever!
You tried to bring him out with out doing his proper Summoning Condition on the card!

Than you tried to use DG on BEUD to prevent him from dying!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Well.. i just trying to figure it out how to keep BEUD on the field..
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Summoner of Illusion Special Summoned BEUD improperly!

The game does allow players to bring out monsters improperly.

However, The game made a rule to prevent players from re-summoning an improperly summoned monster.

The game did this to reward those who used the proper methods.

They also discouraged those who are trying to bypass the cards conditions.

Now you know why!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
I understand what you are doing!
I'm not upset!
It is a great idea!

The problem is this isn't the first time this "idea" has been done!

Hundreds of Thousands of people tried this same idea before you!

Hundreds of Thousands of people will try this same idea after you!

The game made a rule to prevent this from happening because people tried to abuse this idea!

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Think about it!
Lets say the rule didn't exist!

You set Summoner of Illusion!
Summoner gets flipped! Ooops his effect activates!
BEUD comes flying out!
You use DG to send him away from being destroy!
Than you use twister to bring him back!

Than Booom a 4,500 attacking monster crushing your opponent into total dust!

How Glorious!
Who would play any other deck?
Everyone would play this deck!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
People always ask me about how I know about improper summons.

I always tell them haven't you ever heard of the Great Yugioh scandal?

Yugioh has been around for long time.
Duel Links is basically a new format on an existing game.

Their was a rumor that a World Yugioh Champion won his crown by doing an Improper Summoning!

Have you ever heard of that?
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
I don't even know if the story is true!
However, it is so funny!

They had an article on it several years back.
The person on their said the World Champion should have been disqualified!

So much hate!
It was so funny!

Than their was another one with the Raidraptor - Ultimate Falcon combo!

The improper summoning of the Ultimate Falcon.
It was so hilarious!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The reason those stories are so funny is because the people in those matches were so emotional!

Some Yugioh are very extreme.
They are very serious people!
Oh, man! Thinking about it makes me laugh all over again.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player K
Improperly summoned BEUD can be maintained by using Dimension Hole. In particular, use Dimension Hole on Illusion BEUD, it will stay with you from next Standby.

Which has proven all what you said is nonsense. Yes boom a 4500 ATK monster created from 1 tribute 1 effect monster and 1 normall spell.

How Glorious!
Who would play any other deck?
Everyone would play this deck!
<< Anonymous(Player K)
Player K
Also there is no such thing as "improperly", just "stated in the rule" and not. This is a game about utilizing the rules of the cards, you can say most powerful decks are created using crazy ideas utilizing each card's rules. If the game creators want to discourage anything, they should explicitly say it somewhere. Otherwise they are disabling an unprohibited move, and that's what called a bug


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because he has a bigger pp
The good side about this deck is its high attack power boss monsters
Maybe the only monster the opponent had in their graveyard cannot be special summoned by such mea...
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