Set Card List: Age of Discovery

Why do they remove packs?
So you cant have it
They remove packs to switch up the meta. So you dont end up facing the same deck over and over and over again no matter what is your rank..
Actually, they remove the packs to force u to buy them when they are running out. I was not seeing Mako decks in PVP way before they remove the packs
<< Anonymous(Thex)
Some guy
The 2nd guy is correct.
They originally removed packs in order to switch up the meta. However it seems that wasn't working according to how they wanted, so they brought the packs back.
<< Anonymous
<< Anonymous(Some guy)
they can just change the meta by releasing non garbage pack


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Managed to get kog with a variation of this deck. Felt good
Sgt. Electro is in the same pack with Venus, Warm Worm, Golden Apples, Pinch Hopper, Warrior Dai ...
The reason for spirit invitation is simple. Free loss of 500 LP each turn. However I like burning...
lmao Konami is going all-out
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