Flower Cardian: deck recipe [May 2020]

How do I beat flower cardian grit besides maybe praying for sphere kuriboh? All of a sudden it seems like a bunch of people are all using this and I dropped all the way from legend 3 to 1 now. If they don't always get absolutely everything they need to clear my whole field and 🔥 me, then grit will always work for them whenever I am about to 🔥 them and then they just get everything to 🔥 me on their next turn. Please help. This is making me want to quit ranked duels if I keep on running into this everytime I log on.
Grab a few counter-traps? Move to Canadia?
<< Anonymous
Maybe I could try the parshath engine.
use Divine Wrath, Forbidden Chalice and Parshath.
Also If you can't beat them, join them.
- Duel Standby Amano Iwato. First turn Amano = instant surrender for Cardian. But less people would play Amano deck next season after Clash got nerfed.
- Parshath trap. Negate + shuffle the monster back to the deck, preventing your oppenent from using Recardination. But next season Desperado player would switch into fullmachine version instead of Parshath version since Master of Destiny got nerfed
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Canadia doesn't work..they still can special summon even the pine is face down


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you don't have to just got medraut or whatever they target for an equip spell
you never disappoint us
^ Anyone with more than one brain cell could tell that was a joke.
The winner of the WCS gets some special icon? Or just the same gold KC icon like the first 10 win...
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