Jaden Yuki

why does little yugi always need to call yami for help?? can't he duel on his own???
Jaden Yucky
He should be more like me! Constantly winning! From the start! :)
<< Anonymous(Jaden Yucky)
yes, because little yugi is a phony that can't win on his own
<< Anonymous
mens, have u ever watch the anime?? O___O;; he beat yami easily, he made him his
<< Anonymous(Historians)
when??? apart from the last duel for obvious reasons they had to make him win so that the show could end, apart from that he is a coward that envys yami because tea loves him more, he is alpha male
Anonymous 28days ago
Because yami is main character and he is only a narrator



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There's something called Ninjutsu art of alchemy, bro. But you can't afford it probably...
That + whale + abyssal soldier + gishki beast seems soo OP
ZzZ why does this website is full of homophobic morons
Its rebecca with a dick in her mouth
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