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That card looks powerful because it's destroy all cards on field when this card was synchro summoned (except the special summon)but it destroy itself when the effect activated
The problem is there’s no 2nd main phase in DL, nuking the field leaves you vulnerable.
<< Anonymous
Not really.

Remember, Black Rose Dragon's effect activates in the Main Phase, AND you are still in the Main Phase after resolving its effect.

You still can set cards or summon monsters afterwards, if you have any you can set or summon.

For example, tune a lv3 tuner with Carrot to get BRD, nuke the field with BRD, then if you have a Plant in your hand, you can immediately revive Carrot.
Sutra Blue
Remember Sylvant? Many plant effect actually activate from grave
<< Anonymous
Lol not at all i use it in combination with a rose lover in my graveyard them special summon marina princess of sunflowers n do a 2800 attack that's if j dont equip it with a thorn of malice or raging 🔥 plants
<< Anonymous
Even better if you summon Bergamot with a graveyarded rose lover after a good nuke, with aromage garden up.

Pow, right in the kisser.
<< Anonymous
I live for Black Rose Aroma Dragon
But there is stil a lot of ways to special summon during MP1. and also there's a lot of cards that floats into other good cards. With those things in mind, you can create a proper setup and assure that you special summon monsters after you nuke the field. BRD is still good.
Fabled cerberral + Tricky and you still have your normal summon.
<< Anonymous
That’s really good, I might go employ that


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Im fine with necroface being limited 1 though. Currently metaphys can be OTKed with Kite Tenjo�...
Would be funny if Blue Angel gets a Skill that double Trickstar monster's burn damage XD
I'm happy for you. Leave Akiza alone.
Ya, that is from the Old Version Build tech and we have removed it from the page. Thanks for ment...
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