Destiny Hero: deck recipe

What’s annoying is that they don’t even have any fusion destiny heroes and yet they’re still trying to promote the use of fusion monsters with asther. Plus they didn’t even release all of the support cards.
Dangerous is already datamined in the game... hope that Komoney add it soon. Dystopia would be a Little Op in the current format and dusktopia is *THRASH*
<< Anonymous
...and lets not talk about Dragoon... that thing is still very strong if you can summon it until this day
<< Anonymous
Have you noticed that when summoning dangerous aster says destructive guy??
<< Anonymous(RecodedYGO)
yes, he also says Vaion instead of Vyon
Well, if they released END DRAGOON sooner, other card won't be sold . It's a;; about money, friend
<< Anonymous(RecodedYGO)
I think that they have now fixed Aster's errors. I've noticed that Vyon is not spelled "Vaion" anymore, and when he summons Dangerous, Aster just says, "I summon a monster!"


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We need judgement
you forgot the field, we can only control 3 monsters. That plus the fact that the deck capacity (...
Decent beater, good coin fodder for master of destiny despacito decks.
Hmm aoe effect can destroy this card
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