11th Main Box: Valiant Souls

This is NOT the best box. It’s good but overrated. Surely some of the SRs and URs are amazing, but once you got the first copies of them, the amount of completely useless crap in the Rs and Ns really, really piss me off. I’m 🔥ing tired of pulling stupid 🔥 Drill Barnacles and Hyenas THE ENTIRE TIME. Many boxes have much better Rs and Ns than this one.
Agreed, I have 45 packs left and a mask change, a Canadia and another darkworld dealings waiting for me.

I just don't want anymore garbage though.
This applies to every box the worst is the third run of the box if you want to have 3 UR copies because now the SRs (because you've got probably 3 to 4 by now) are useless too
>Many boxes have much better Rs and Ns than this one

Such as ? I am curious to know as a new player
<< Anonymous
Power of the guardians or the plant tuner aka junk syncrons sub
Your complaining makes no sense, getting tons of useless R and N cards happens in pretty much any box.


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Just wait until we get further Wind-Up support in 1 or 2 years. Then everyone will dig through th...
Miss the good old duel links days when toons were top tier meta.
Added, thanks for mentioning.
Really new box? Konami already release new box past week isnt it?
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