Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

Here comes Destiny HERO Plasma!
In the most underwhelming and unexciting way that is possible. Xd
We dont understand what you mean
<< Anonymous
she summoned Destiny HERO Plasma!!!!!!!
<< Anonymous
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
You bring out a plasma just to absorb a facedown monster(baby tiger)?
<< Anonymous
Thanks, but it was nearly as cool as it could have been if I had taken something big.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
I didn't know what the card was when I took it. But I just HAD to summon Plasma. It looked like so much fun.
<< Anonymous(observer)
The oddest thing was that she did surrender in her turn after the one listed there where the draining shield was used. And I don't know why. With 4900 lp and a hand advatage over me, she could have waited to make a comeback.
あらわえろ!D-HERO Bloo-D!
Mah boi
I was trying to make a Full Destiny Hero deck with Plasma for the event. But the number of Fur Hires and Amazoness was disturbing. So i had to make a Fur Hire deck with Plasma as tech to reach KOG. #Feelsbadman
<< Anonymous(Mah boi)
I have been going through this event at a slower pace (finished silver last night) in the hopes of meeting less fur hires and amazoness. There are higher ranking players (past KOG and legend) using character decks. I have only seen fur hire once so far. It was an Espa with Jinzo in the deck, but he quit when I started mask changing too much. But plasma with fur hire sounds awesome!



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FACT. You can summon him with elemental hero grandmerge
Limit this overpowered card. Shi En should NOT be as easy to summon as it is. Nerf the heck out o...
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