How to beat/farm Tea Gardner Lvl 40

My Elements Unite Deck I Use for Level 40 Tea, Yugi, Odion, Weevil and Rex
If you have glossy cards you can probably get 8000 points x1 Versago The Destroyer x1 Piranha Army x2 Blue Eyes White Dragon x3 Alligator's Sword x1 Fusion Sage x2 Shard Of Greed x1 Polymerization x3 White Elephant's Gift x2 Gift Of The Martyr x1 Secret Pass To The Treasures x3 Jar Of Greed x1 Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon
<< Anonymous(Roy)
Could you explain to me how you use this deck?
<< Anonymous
When the duel starts summon gate guardian right away, then stall the duel until you fusion summon blue eyes ultimate dragon and get piranha army, both of the gift of martyr and secret pass to the treasures. Once you've done all that on the last turn summon piranha army, use secret pass to the treasures and use both gift of the martyr on piranha army for a direct attack of 18k.
<< Anonymous(Roy)
If you have glossy or prismatic cards you could probably get 8k duel assessment points. Jar of greed, shard of greed and white elephants gift are used to get cards quickly. You can swap alligators sword for any other non effect monster and blue eyes ultimate dragon can be swapped for master of oz.
<< Anonymous(Roy)
For Tea you MUST have blue eyes ultimate dragon or master of oz as she has 2 traps cards that give her 500 life points every card she draws but for Yugi, Odion, Weevil and Rex you don't need a fusion monster, you only need gate guardian which you get at the beginning.
<< Anonymous(Roy)
You could use something like this for Yugi, Odion, Weevil and Rex as they don't have cards that gives them life points but for Tea you must use something like the deck above as she gains life points. That max I've seen her have is 14k.
Jackie 24days ago
For this, I'm short two jars of greed and one white elephants gift. Everything else I've got. Any ideas for the last 3 slots?


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