Arkana (Pandora)

I’ve been having a blast playing as Arkana, but I’m having to use a version without Dark Magician Girl because I only have one and my Arkana is lvl 29. Any feedback is appreciated. Please, no harsh comments about the deck. Skill: Master of Magicians 1x Double Coston (working on more) 2x Magical Exemplar 2x Legion the Fiend Jester 2x Blue Dragon Summoner 1x Magician’s Rod 2x Dark Magician 1x Neo the Magic Swordsman 1x Anti-Magic Arrows 2x Super Rush Headlong 1x Dark Magic Attack 2x Enemy Controller 1x Thousand Knives 2x Mirror Wall
Thanks you got xbox? Kik?
Your deck can only serve as fun purpose, not competitive enough. Biggest flaw is your deck needs DM as beater + utilize DM only spells, but you can only bring out DM through coston, which you need backrow to protect and only then summon on next round.
My suggestion: don't waste gems on coston. Farm tea for free DMG and free sage stone. Summon jester > SS DMG > sage stone SS DM > activate jester in grave, search for DM > ancient rule to SS DM > dark magic attack/ anti magic arrow > end the game
It looks pretty good, but could use some ancient rules.


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