Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon

Why does this card miss timing? I thought If + can do this = never miss timing
It's because they lied to you.

If + can also misses timing. Not only When + can.

For example, if a zombie with
Vendread Revenants's effect chains banish effect to your Solid being summoned, if you shuffle Solid, his effect won't activate. If you let Solid be banished, his negate won't activate either.
<< Anonymous
Why is this game's player base so selfish?

In other games everyone helps each other and don't lie.

Here people lie to me. They pretend if... + you can... always activates regardless of timing.

Duel Links players are a bunch of liars.
<< Anonymous
Umm, "If...You Can" definitely cannot miss the timing.

Usually, when it's an old card like this, it's not a bug, but something else happens, that you don't remember in detail, that is actually the real reason why you can't activate an effect.
<< Anonymous
From the second person's comment what I understand is this:
He summoned Solid, before he received the prompt to target negate the Zombie his opponent used his quick effect "banish a special summoned monster".
Case 1, he shuffled Solid using his effect n°2. Since he was shuffled his 1st target negate effect can't be activated any more.
<< Anonymous
Case 2, he didn't activate the shuffle effect of Solid. Thus Solid gets banished before being prompted to target negate using his 1st effect. Since Solid is not on the field anymore but is in the banish Zone instead his effect cannot be activated anymore.

My two assumptions would depend on if "being face-up on the field" is a necessary condition for a "if + can" to activate.

Am I right here?
<< Anonymous
What a detective.
Yeah, WSotA was destroyed during my opponent's turn. My Solid was summoned during his turn, not mine. I suppose he had "toggle on" and was therefore able to activate his target banish "in response to Solid being summoned" right before Solid activates his target negate, due to turn player priority.
Perhaps shuffling Solid makes him "not public", like being face-down=No effect.
<< Anonymous
Thanks for the replies guys.

From what I understand, for IF + CAN, it's not possible to cause miss-timing, but miss-prompt IS possible.

For effects that activates "if this card is summoned", you can force them to miss-prompt by either shuffling them face-down or banishing them.

In order to respond and chain to a summon "before the enemy is prompted" you must be the turn player.


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Can be summoned from the graveyard by monster reporn
Yugioh duel links tea dm ritual. Master
Yes. Very much so.
It usually happens to me too when I activate "trap hole of spikes"
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