Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

Mah boi
I guess this event is proof that most character-related archetypes are lacking support. I mean, how can a card like Blue Eyes compete with the actual meta without getring any new support, such as Blue Eyes Twin Burst Dragon or Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon? Also, why is Champion's Vigilance still limited? It's the only thing that could make vanilla monsters competitive again, and a lot of those ace monsters are vanillas.
Konami limited f2p Champion's Vigilance so that they can sell you future support in the newer box sets. It's part of Komoney's master plan ;)
I got to Gold 2 with Blue-Eyes but couldn't deal with Amazoness and Fur Hire from there on...I would say generic support (splashable tech) would be more welcome. Following the example of Blue-Eyes, the problem is not that it can't produce a strong or dominant field, it's that the 3-6 tech cards that CAN be splashed are insufficient to consistently take down meta decks that have effect advantage.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
What does splashing means? Most of time I notice kaiba with FH. Other characters are fine (most of time)
<< Anonymous
It means putting generic cards that works with any deck, into your deck.
<< Anonymous
I haven't seen any Fur Hire with Kaiba in this regular PVP, Kaiba's Beatdown is a common skill used with Fur Hire.


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When people can discard 16 cards into the GY during his first turn. You need an immediate ban.
My playlist to farm gate duelist and more link-
why street replay are not available? i can not watch and gain 5 diamonds from yesterday
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