Standard Duelists Lvl 51

Using this for SD lv51 auto duel.. Never lost a match with it yet..
yeaa with that SR and UR.try used simple deck. so u can big talk.
lol little nub complaining about Sr and Ur at stagr 51. GTFO and get gud
but can the AI use switcheroo ability while auto dueling?
Haha why some are so salty. Sorry you feel bad about not getting UR and SR, but don't bring it out on others.
Lol.. Stage 51 and you wanne use a simple deck.. seriously whats wrong with you?
I agree with one of the commentors. I dont believe that switcheroo will be triggered (unlike some other people) while autodueling. Nice deck tho ill try it


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I have enchanted javelin I have negate attack ah.. Draining Shield
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Vassal shouldn't be summoned until the last two turns (when you have one card left in your d...
I tried it out. Crimson ape doesnt have as much utility as the other 2. However 3sd definitely he...
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