How to Get Drop Skills: decks and tips

I used this for farming quick 3000-4000 points.
Extra deck. Trinity is your main guy to end battle quick. You only need 1.
<< Anonymous
Extra deck.
<< Anonymous(RR)
Here's how it works:

-You main objective is to get Trinity on the field ASAP while your opponent controls monster(s).
-Blazeman, Vyon, and Woodsman are your main Poly searchers. I don't recommend Fusion sage b/c the cards I mentioned can be used for Trinity, and it's a dead card if you have Poly at the beginning.

NOTE: You need to use real money for the other 2 Blazemen which add consistency.
<< Anonymous(RR)
-Phantom of Chaos: With 3 Woodsman and 1 Vyon, this card is great to search these. Only 1 PoC is needed b/c is not a HERO card.
-I like Lady Heat b/c she can deal finishing burn damage in case OP survived and low on LP.
-Skills Dark sense and fire sense are great. For fire sense, you need to remove fire m. like Lady card so you only search Blazeman.
<< Anonymous(RR)
-I got 1 H Heated for piercing damage, but I don't wait to draw. I will use it if I have it in starting hand. Sometimes, I switch it for Anti-Magic Arrows depending on the event.
-Only 1 Trinity is needed. I got 2 for 2 Vyons and was about to get 3 but Vyon got Limited.
-I forgot to remove Necroshade. It won't help you with Dark sense because it can't search Poly.
<< Anonymous(RR)
-You can use any other HERO card as filler, gloosy/prismatic recommended for extra points.
-I almost forgot. I have used this deck in almost every event. So far, it has been very usable for quick points as I can play when nothing is happening at work. No need to wait 10 minutes or anything. Plus deck is very consistent.


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