Gusto Synchro: deck recipe

Actual gusto user
Wow this looks nothing like my gusto synchro deck.... the hell is this o dang how the heck would u use that... umm i dont think this is an accurate good gusto deck
GameA either doesn't know how to build decks, or purposely makes them worse to get players to work more on their own with a basic idea. I don't know which answer to believe anymore.
<< Anonymous
It's an Example Deck, nobody is telling you to build exactly like this. I thought Gusto had some decent synergy with Fire King Island, so I tested it and it worked.
You can go for a standard build or even one that centers around Psychic support-it's really up to you.
Yusaku Fuijiki
Ye this deck isn’t accurate, it’s really old from when it first came out.
<< Anonymous
A day? I wouldn't even give it a day, more like an hour.
<< Anonymous
j/k with the one hour comment, but I can see people's point here, it's kinda hard to call this a Gusto deck when the Gusto cards feels like an afterthought.

On the other hand, literally more than half of the monsters lineup are Gusto monsters. (Sphere Kuri doesn't count since it's a handtrap, it will never hit the field).

So you can't really say it's not a Gusto deck either.
<< Anonymous
However, I think the staff should try reducing the generic staples a bit to include more of the archetype's cards and test it.

I mean, I've been playing my deck with just 1 Hallucigenia 1 Canadia 1 Floodgate and 1 WoD as my Traps, and I'm doing fine.
<< Anonymous
*I'm not saying I play Gusto deck, I'm just saying that maybe you don't always need to put in something like 3 WOD 3 Canadia on every deck.


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Can be helpful if you have extra Glad Beasts in your hand and you want to draw into backrow cards...
Fingers crossed it contains targetless facedown banishing, or more 1 card boss monster recyclable...
i hope they limit shiranui, darklords, grass, the rod and some skill will get hits also free - si...
How is he a troll? I have 3 of every card trader card, even the N and R cards
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