Stage 21-30: Tips and FAQ

How can i pass lv 30 mission, play 1 match against weevil underworld, whereas he doesn't appear in the gate yet... Once i met him in pvp duel but the mission isn't completed...
Same problem brother
Tienes que desbloquearlo para que te aparezca en el portal
I'm stuck there too
Weevil isn't in the portal and he isn't around duel world, I beat him in pvp but mission still isn't done
Yami Evil
Hey you should make a challenge to open him you should beat standard duelist 100 times



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Depends on the situation. Element Unite give low health, thus risk of direct damage and effect da...
If labyrinth deck isn't working anymore, how the fuck can we farm him?? Can't use apple...
Use knight of red lotus. If heavy knight dies u can special summon him from the graveyard then a...
How about you just get a job and stop whining. The people who manage this site have jobs- they do...
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