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This card is just another Cocytus that is able to dodge any trap then summon a free Azure. No doubt it will be hit soon, just wait to see some BE cards to be included into the banlist for the first time. BE will not be spared after reaching tier 1 status, just a matter of time.
Yes, limit 3 this card and limit 3 Sage.
<< Anonymous
Also limit 3 Maiden and White Stone of Legend.

Then, limit 2 Cards of Consonance and White Stone of Ancients.
<< Anonymous
Also limit 1 vanilla BE.
3000 ATK beatstick is too much for the current meta.
<< Anonymous
3000 atk is normal.

DDD 6000 atk is amazing.

Cydra 8400 atk is devastating.

all this deck can summon it 1st turn if they go 2nd

if you dont draw the handtraps you fuxked up
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
DDD and Cydra needs more cards (and skill) to setup.
Meanwhile it is common for BE players to summon 2-3 copies of vanilla BE during 1st turn. That is not normal.
<< Anonymous
first round

vanilla cant summon 2-3 copy in mainphase. white stone trigger end phase. battle phase no threat.

middle round

alternative is real problem. then either he syncro white spirit or vermiliion. retrieve alternative from GY. but middle round is no threat too

final round

board full setup 3 beater BE,Xyz,Syncro BE. but it is no threat also

as larva golem user. 4 of 5 duel vs BE i win


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I just want fog blade and silent boots
Read again >> even if pks dont become a tiered deck, at least will be fun to play W...
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