Vellian Crowler (Dr. Crowler)

straight as f'(x^2)
This character and anyone who plays him is a fag. Seriously, who would want to play him, even if he gives gear cards.
Name one other character with skill that starts off with Ancient Gear Castle on your field. No? That's why.
Mah Boi
He's funny, that's why.
Clearly the people who you called out for playing him. You literally had the answer BEFORE you asked your question. Lmao smh
Because the guy who voices crowler also voices goku
I've gotten 21 wins in a row with Crowler and his AG deck during the KC Cup
<< Anonymous
What was the list you ran?
Name other character who got PhD on Duelling !



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Check the skill you are using.
From what I understand, it only redownload cards data and other resources. It won't impede o...
You can obtain this through packs in the game now. if the duel links allows harpies hunting grou...
Can we finally get Medium of the Ice barrier in this one? I've been wanting that card ever ...
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