Set Card List: Neo-Impact

When is this pack leaving? Wanna get my 2nd mirror wall before it's too late
Yugi Kid
I think it leaving soon since they have added chaotic compliance pack but you need not to worry because I think that they would announce it at least 1 month in advance if the pack was to be removed just like what they did with ultimate rising pack.
Is it possible to remove this deck. There is to many good cards to remove. Namely mirror wall, Kaiser and coston, paladin of white dragon, beans man, magicians circle. It would dumb to remove it. Ultimate rising had to go unfortunately either that or ban kuriboh and order to charge cuz they're way to op
That makes no sense dude. Beans can be easily swapped out kaiser and coston aren't 100% good either, paladin of white dragon is meh, magicians circle is okay-ish
This will be the next going rare package
They will remove this pack soon to force f2p player to spend money in order to catch up
Yeah, remove mirror wall and add mirror force instead.



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For Mokuba ou Ishizu Light deck it's very stronger than Blue Eyes White Dragon, you must con...
590-037-290 1 card both ways, add me!
sylvan users are brown nose picklesniffers
My kumoshroomo was the bait and you fell for it milling 5 otk incoming thank you fúkkk you...
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