Structure Deck EX: The White Dragon of Legend

Zane Lover
Well, I'm definitely buying since 3$ is not that expensive and I get to become the most elitist player in duel links for the next 6 months until (maybe) a new EX pack is released <3!
This guy is right, these ex packs are not thaaaaaaaaaaat expensive and even if you don't want to play them you can just play some other deck, there are plenty of F2P decks out there.
Aster lover
I am going to get it, too. I can use this deck with: Kaiba: beatdown, Zane: cyber style, Aster: draw sense light. When are you going to get KOG with Zane?
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Valenzane lover
I'm getting this one too! Incidentally, I have the complete Draconic set (that Kaiba's structure deck) which I haven't even used since a long time ago. I wonder if the two has synergy.

Please share decks you can think of once it's out, or else I'll go back to my former personality and be a prick-a$$ to both you and zane lover. :p
<< Anonymous(Valenzane lover)
Aster lover
Ok. I will post it eventually. I might want the Chazz deck for paladin of felgrand. Idk yet.
"the most elitist player in duel links" haha yeah, you are right xD, gotta say Kaiba would be really proud !
Hey you sure the price for the structure Ex deck 3$?
I just check spellbound deck and it is 7.48$!
This guy, this Zane Lover... he really knows what's good !
<< Anonymous
One with the code
I think there referring to 1st Time discounted price
dude what's really funny It's the fact the box is pretty much affordable even without that 1st Time discounted price xD! I'm definitely getting it as well.
im getting it as well, love that blue eyes archetype
turning into an elitist kaiba for 1000 gems and 3$ seems pretty fine and acceptable if you ask me.
As soon as I knew this pack was going to be Blue-eyes related I knew I was going to buy it :), so glad we are able to get the first pack just with gems.
KAIBA would be proud.
Beautiful deck to play as Arkana



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Wow. This card is insanely overpowered. What were they smoking when they made this card?
What is the fourth toon reward I hope it’s toon ancient Gear golem Plus we need more lo...
My Six Sams can auto every NPC on the map. Even your mom
Ahahahahhahahhahhahahhhah yes
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