Dawn of Destiny: card set

If you don't rank this pack as a 9.5/10, you are discrediting your own work here GameA. Phoenix and Naturia is budget freely KoG Decks. Beast Rising in combination with Yaksha and Des Wombat is a great auto-dueling deck in itself Not to mention staple cards like Super Rush Headlong and Heavy Knight of the Flame. Throw in great utility like Tribute to the Doom and Good Goblin Housekeeping. And in an 80 pack can go through this three times to make 2 competitive decks with 6 good URs, at least 6 GREAT SRs, and a bunch of good rares FOR the same cost of going through a main box.
ya all the rankings on this site are complete garbage, dont bother listening to them. they're either outdated or just straight wrong, or a mixture of the two.
They rated Mirage Knight a 7.0/10 and rated Skull Conductor (a card that nobody uses) higher than Heavy Knight of Flame (a card that many people use and a huge card right now) so you can kinda tell just how brain-dead the people who do the ratings are just by that alone
<< Anonymous
Skull Conductor in a Vampyre deck is great ! Not a top tier deck, but a really fun deck to use in casual duels and against Standard Duellists.
NOT to mention it also had super rush



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