Duel Island: Gladiator Beast [Jul 13 - Jul 23]

It'll be nothing but fur hires and spellbooks defenders this time.
Yeah probably.

But don't tell me that you can't even beat NPC with no skill that use those deck. It shouldn't be as hard as playing against those deck in PVP.
We are going to see Fur hires, anki, amazon, silent magician defenders.
Get ready to get your ass kicked hard and fast.
<< Anonymous
I've won to the vagabond playing those decks with my farming deck so it's not that difficult, auto is not pvp
<< Anonymous
Fur Hire does not need brain to play, even AI can do it. Just like Cyber Angel before nerf. Auto duel CA win almost every time.
Don't worry. Just put some wall of D's and some anti-spellbook techs and you're good to go. :)
<< Anonymous
last time i build a deck with only removal cards(dd warrior, man-eater and so on), my friends didnt seem to like it.
<< Anonymous(akubane)
They may haven't heard of Aromage? Not that it's funny even with those(as you need +LP and rosemary) but at least not so cancerous at your deck sounds.
<< Anonymous
even with Fur Hire, Vagabond still missplay sometimes.
<< Anonymous
Fur Hire KOG, Fur Hire Vagabond, Fur Hire special duel,Fur Hire event.

Hey komamey nerf this Fur Hire...



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Nah mate, 2 maximus and 1 ice is best deal without killing an archetype
Hahaha they wont do anything to ag, its p2p deck and lost to km cuz how easy km to win
Koa’ki Meiru OTK makes this meta beyond stale. 7/10 times it’s against the same stale...
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