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Volcanic is nothing but a meme deck.
On tcg they were meta, for a short period during 2013 if i can remember, but was basically an anti-meta deck with a bunch of traps and using traptrix engine, pure volcanic is a joke, but their trap, rocket, shell and scattershot atleast were used.
<< Anonymous
They were a meta also during their release in TCG as a control deck with 3 shells, 3 rockets, 2 blaxe accelarator that were only used as discard folders for some op cards of the era back then.
<< Anonymous
If they are used for discard cards especially traps they can me meta in duel links. Aren't fur hire a jowk in TCG as well as amazoness. Aren't windups and infernity meta there as well.
<< Anonymous
yep, that is one of Duel Links' interesting part - cards and decks that are meta in OCG/TCG can ends up bad in DL, while cards and decks that are bad in OCG/TCG can ends up really good, sometimes overpowered even, in DL.
Axel might have useful new skills.


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Cope. I have nothing to do with this conversation.
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
1, 2 at most, you only use the card as filler to complete the 20 cards minimum, the box cards are...
How would you even get that out in an aroma deck?
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