How to beat/farm Seto Kaiba Lvl 40

If someone could add this to the page, that'd be nice The Labyrinth Wall + Dimension Gate farm no longer works as well as it did previously. A recent update has made Kaiba wise up. He will now attack you directly if you have Labyrinth Wall banished with Dimension Gate. He will also target it with Twister, if he has it This Deck, however, works wonders 8000+ assessment if it goes off properly. 8300 is what I frequently get with it. It's super simple to play, and nullifies all but one of Kaiba's threats with Silent Magician LV8 alone. Blue Eyes, Enemy Controller, Twister, none of that matters. The only thing she can't solve on her own is DD Warrior, which Super Rush Headlong can easily destroy. If you don't get the Silent Magician LV4 and Level Up on the first couple turns, don't worry. Set some Crystal Seers if you open with them. Set Windstorm. Even take some direct hits. You're fine taking a couple hits, you're gonna be using Last Gamble anyway. To draw your combo pieces and Super Rush, as well as deduct your LP down to 100 for the LP On The Brink bonus All you do with this deck is summon Silent Magician LV8 while having Super Rush Headlong to protect her from DD Warrior. That is literally it. Just sit on her until Kaiba eventually runs out of DD Warriors (you'll know you're completely safe from DD Warrior once his monster zones are all filled up with set monsters. He won't even tribute them off for Blue Eyes). After that, just summon Vassal, use triple Union Attack and Secret Pass, then use Anti-Magic Arrows to make sure Kaiba doesn't use Econ on you. Simple as that
The ideal hand. An answer for all 3 DD Warriors and your farm win condition. Just sit on these until you draw through your deck, then vassal it up
<< Anonymous
Your field should look something like this on the last turn
<< Anonymous
Glossies and prismatics are NOT required for this farm. 8300 will be what you'll normally get with this farm, if it goes successfully

Comeback Victory: 2500
LP On The Brink: 1000
Cards On The Brink: 500
Victory By Effect Damage Only: 1000
Over 9999 Damage!: 3000
Activated Spell: 100
Activated Trap: 100
Performed Special Summon: 100

Pay2Win Player
Sure, just let me reset the box 3 times to get the full headlong set real quick, I'll just turn the oven off.
Excellent, many thanks bud!!!
<< Anonymous(Pay2Win Player)
It may be not a perfect farm, but is still good, since I dont have 3 Super Rush Headlong I changed 1 for eliminating the league and the other one for Curse of Anubis that way his normal monster is still in attack position and can kill it; also attack anything that he puts in attack position and make sure that he doesnt have life points to resist a kamikaze attack from his DD Warrior.
just tried this deck.
Successful on the 1st try. Thanks man!
<< Anonymous(Pay2Win Player)
You can't reset a minibox 3x? I pity u. I'm ftp too but still manages too 3x resets 3 miniboxes.
<< Anonymous
LoL!! No offence bro but I think you are stupid to reset a box 3x when you only need 3 of every card. I mean, If you reset a box 3x that means you trying to get a 4th copy of cards you need xDDDDD
This deck is so clutch. I don't have 3 super rush headlong, so I replaced with floodgate traphole and forbidden chalice. Much appreciated
Hey, could you or someone explain me something? I was on my last turn, i had a Vassal and my Magician LvL 8 on my field.

I used two times Union-Attack and a trap to get one back, so i used the third Union-Attack. Then i put the Anti-Magic Arrows in my Spellzone, went to the Battle Step and i COULDN'T activate my Arrows.

What was the reason? I don't get it. Then he used of course his spell..

<< Anonymous(NieThePiet)
Long story short, correct way to use is either you 1) set at least a turn before or 2) keep it in hand and enter battle phase
Amazing deck!! Tysm.
<< Anonymous(SmartASS)
Oh okay, i will try it again. I used the arrows like i did in another duel and it worked. Thanks for the tip :)
<< Anonymous(NieThePiet)
SmartAss #2
you cannot activate quick-play spell the turn you set it, but you can activate it from your hand in your battle phase
<< Anonymous(Pay2Win Player)
Chivalry works the same way. Since DD activates it's effect in the battle phase. You can use chivalry :)



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backup rider targets. you'll still be locked by lost world.
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
Not everyone as rich as you are.. please suggest some deck that don't require us to throw mo...
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