Blue-Eyes Cosmo: deck recipe [Oct 2020]

How do you beat Desperado with this deck?
You Snipe Hunter everything off the field during the Main Phase, I suppose.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
It's more the other way around.
I always going first and the opponent has Neos fusion.
Then this little clock freak.
I always get 6 and 1, when they are guaranteed to destroy 3 monsters at once with skill.
I tried to summon Dragon synchro which prevents the opponent from choosing and destroying monsters under your control and it helped but damn this duel lasted almost ten minutes
I´ve seen in Ranked people now teching Solid Dragon to deal with both Desperado and Yubel. Negate their effects, then use Beatdown to run over them.
<< Anonymous
Solid Dragon is the sleeper monster in this deck. Great card. Especially since White Stone
<< Anonymous
Solid Dragon is a great sleeper card? Lol no, it was not good at all on arrival, and only becomes decently usable after we got the newer White Stone.
<< Anonymous
Lol moderators deleted a comment where I wrote Solid dragon is a card which often bricks
<< Anonymous
> thats why we use 1 solid dragon along with 3 white stone of legend

LOL if something, normal people use it with 3 Protectors with eyes of blue and this is a completely different build than Snipe hunter build

I tried the standard one and I always draw Solid dragon earlier than the egg and thus without a single way to special summon it


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