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What is the difference between this and gem knight citrine or Gladiator beast nerokius ? why this card is Ur ?
Dunno about citrine, because Im new to gem knights ( well, they say it works as mighty slugger ).
Nerokius is exactly like this one, however this card is a synchro monster, which makes it way easier to summon due to special summoning, graveyard to field, traps such as powerful rebirth, etc.
<< Anonymous(vermillion07)
How can you even compare those with a generic synchro monster that you can splash into any synchro deck that can go into a Level 5 play? Nerokius and Citrine only work in their specific deck, this one is a viable option for a lot of decks
Easy to summon
<< Anonymous(Wan)
Junk Synchron is a single hand card into this. Probably that's why.
literally happens to every card that is more generic in requirements.
Also the fact nerokius needs 3 monsters in a 3 monster field game. Come on think already.
With card such as unknown synchron, this card can be splashed in almost every deck with generic 4* monster. This card and catastor will be a must have card for almost every deck in certain situation.
Im playing starblaster+dd sprite to bring this guy out along with cosmic compass and creature seizures+natural tune
You only need 1 card to summon this.

You need at least 3 card to summon those monsters you mentioned.


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Megalith 177013
As someone who don't play Dragunity, may I ask what single word ruined this card?
They gave us this and Duos Megistus, but no Tris Megistus and Macro Cosmos haha
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