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For all those directly affected by, or with loved ones affected by the recent hurricane in the Houston area, and the scary Irma approaching Florida . . stay safe, stay strong.
stfu this is an international website, you think we care of your drug addiction-infested area gets wiped out by a rank 5 hurricane, NOBODY CARES
<< Anonymous(Naicha)
doesn't matter where you are . . if those you care about are affected by tragedy, you will be affected too . . by your reply, I'll presume no one you care for is affected by these hurricanes. great for you for now, but someday . . things may be different for you and those you care for. . horrific tragedies find their way into all lives. .
Way to pick a platform lol
<< Anonymous(Naicha)
naicha the edgelord lmao
<< Anonymous(Naicha)
Are you Edgegar's friend?



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Wait Alexandrite dragon
This is good for many decks, but I'll add this to my Valkyrion Deck.
I see so many people struggling with SD in this level, and SD in this level are nothing. Well the...
Dank you speak like a true gold/plat player. People are getting KOG left and right with DM decks,...
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