Special Duel Event [July 6 - July 12]

Admit it guys the event´s idea is kind of cool, but it is this brainless community that just ruined it because they just want easy wins.
hater. Fur Hire requires high IQ and skill.
<< Anonymous
High IQ FH user
Me press card
Me press activate
Me press yes
Me win

Me good good kog
<< Anonymous(High IQ FH user)
The previous post must be from a sylvan user. 100% confirmed
I agree, the same happened to ESPA event, every deck I built aiming the faction was easily beaten by the meta people: spellbooks, fur hire, sylvans, etc. Just some few duels were against people using decks around the faction itself.
<< Anonymous
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Konami could easily have enforced players to use enough of a certain card (rather than just literally one card, like Dark Magician for Yugi) or just straight up limited Amazoness & Fur Hire for the special duels. They didn’t.

They want to encourage players to be able to use the meta decks ‘cause they freshly bought them. Thus... (1/2)
<< Anonymous
... those players will get awards and wins. It positively reinforces people to purchase those cards.

Konami might want people to have fun, but they’re a money-grubbing company first. For sure they’ll make the rules slack enough for players to use meta decks, since those players are the ones who paid the most. They’ll support those the most.
<< Anonymous
"Hate the players, not the game"

Don't forget komoney wanted this to happen. They let this and made this happen.
<< Anonymous
Not everyone has all cards for all factions
espa event was ok..... But this special duel event is wrong


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imagine being stupid enough to say all the other decks can be bought once using gems lol.. after ...
Someone is a bit salty
I actualy never seen this card but just now in a duel. I totaly gonna need this one.
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