Top Pick-UR & SR Dream Ticket [May 2021]

nothing new here
Only trolls and misleading comments
<< Anonymous
mofos made me use the tickets on wall of disruption I barely ever get to activate it. i had to make another account :(
<< Anonymous
I love it when people pick battle trap over anything else in their deck. This mean I could do almost anything in my turn, and possibly bypassing that card in the process.
Even deck such as vendread, triamid and aromage totally happy with this decision :)
<< Anonymous
Battle traps are the wet dream of every rogue, doing all your gimmicks without getting spammed by karma, raigeki, bom, fiendish,ballista, floodgate, etc is a dream come true
<< Anonymous
The only traps you should use are treacherous x2 and thats the best use for sr dream ticket. None tries to misslead you. If you read comments you will see that everyone is saying stay away from battle traps.


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Congratulations, Reiji. I added this tech just for you. #DuelReplay #DuelLinks https://duellinks...
Of course, life isn't hard enough already for some people. The have-nots try to escape th...
you can brag only when the other player doesn't own a p2w ur/sr card. all pay to win play...
this card is gonna get nerfed
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