Arkana (Pandora)

He’s out! ...But pretty much impossible to unlock. Look at those absurd unlock missions, all against a lv30 Arkana who Ectoplasms himself to defeat. Konami really hates new players.
Yeah, the "summon DM twice in one duel" mission requires you to have a second copy of Dark Magician first (luckily, the red Arkana DM also works for the mission), while the "win with 1000 or less LP left" mission is incredibly risky to pull off since Arkana runs so many Burn cards....

And his Black Pendant is annoying too, he once got all three copies in his opening hand and activate them all....
I'm a new player and had no problem with unlocking him. Actually I completed all 3 out of 4 missions in 1 duel so yeah, pretty easy
Lol unlocking Ariana took me half an hour. Not hard for anyone. I’m free to play, you just have to be smart. It also helps if you have two ancient rules, temple of the mind’s eye, and two dark magician beforehand, but it’s possible without.
<< Anonymous(Genesis)
if i only have one DM, how do i summon it twice?
<< Anonymous
You could summon once, get it destroyed then activate a card that allows you to return it to your hand from the GY then resummon it
<< Anonymous
Cosmo Brain, Azure-Eyes, Birthright...
<< Anonymous(Genesis)
How did you unlock Ariana? Singing her songs?


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We will put Silent Magician in the semi limit card list soon. Thank you for your support.
When you have no card in your hand and you need a card to turn the table you will always draw thi...
They're Aigami's ace, so I see them releasing one copy through unlocking Aigami, but no...
In before Garnex and Garoodia become SRs in the next mini box
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