Arkana (Pandora)

help, i have too many gems, 9999 and my box is full, all gems,I don't need any more cards from the released boxes, i'm afraid if the new box don't come out,my game will not allow me to store any more gems, what should i do??
Sell it!!! :) 4 a fair price
Buy more packs. go after that prismatic card! also, you'll have a lot of cards to convert at the market and gain enough stones to trade for glossy/prismatic cards.
MAX IS 99999
<< Anonymous(NO)
I reached max number as well once, any new gem you gain will be stored and you can claim it later as any reward, but keep in mind you only have 5 pages for storing.
<< Anonymous
5 pages? stupid? already got the 20th page stored with grey keys...
the gems will expire after a certain time in your box, you can see the long as you have time, you dont need to spend your gems
Dont worry...just keep an eye on the expiration date of the gems, as said above...
<< Anonymous(kaiba_boi)
And so far I have 18 pages of gems not collected...but some of them are almost out of date
<< Anonymous(needMOAR gems)
Grinding, level up characters, events, etc. I myself got 26 pages of gems. As long as you are active and save up gems, that's it.
konami should increase more space to 99999... 9999 is not enough~
if you dont buy them with real money, this would not have happened. stupidity over intelligence
<< Anonymous(kaiba_boi)
How do you get so many Gems?
<< Anonymous(NO)
Its not


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Which LD
You make way too many assumptions about people. That could leave you d e a d with the wrong person.
obviously, theyre meta, and cheap
Why would anyone say otherwise?
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