Dawn of Destiny: card set

2000 gems spent and the only UR/SR i got is mirage knight. you nepthys
For real? Screenshot pls. This is even rarer than 4 UR/SR in 1 pull.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Maybe im exaggerated, but the real gems spent is 1650 and the only sr/ur i got is that fuckin mirage. I never have such bad luck in any box before. But this box drop rate totally suck
<< Anonymous
Update: now i have opened 40 packs which means 2000 gems already spent and still no SR/UR beside that one mirage knight. Remind me to not throw my gems on nephtys again
<< Anonymous
Believe me bro, it's all about RNGesus. Last month I bought a whole Flame Tyrant box but only got UR & SR pack once it 20 packs left. I know you won't believe that easy, but that's what happen to me
<< Anonymous(Otong)
Some guy
Agree with otong. It's RNG bullcrap, and similarly, flame of the tyrant fked me around too. I'm down to 20 packs left and still no tyrant dragon, venus, or sgt electro. I WAS planning on resetting box to get 3 copies of warm worm, golden apples, electro and venus, but I don't think that's possible now. This screwed me over bad I don't want to waste anymore gems on this pack to go again 2-3 more.
<< Anonymous(Otong)
I agree.

I opened 4 box of ultimate rising and only got 1 UR ):

It's all about RNG like you said.I just play this game to pass the time with, that's all, I'm not a Gamer but still... this hurts...
<< Anonymous(Someone)
You mean packs. If you opened 4 boxes you had everything in multiples.
I agree with getting nepthys. Trying to get this card is pretty fucked up. Wasted so many gems and everything is a mess when you don't get what you need except more of the same garbage cards that you've already got over and over.



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Wait Alexandrite dragon
This is good for many decks, but I'll add this to my Valkyrion Deck.
I see so many people struggling with SD in this level, and SD in this level are nothing. Well the...
Dank you speak like a true gold/plat player. People are getting KOG left and right with DM decks,...
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