How to beat/farm Odion Lvl 40

I use this Deck + BMD as Fusion Monster 100% win rate, 7-8k ;)
Unlucky at All
I really appreciate those who share their decks with others! Thanks, bro! Would you please write down the skill you are using in English? It seems "Element Unite!" Is it?
<< Anonymous(Unlucky at All)
Yes ;)
Element unite is the deal
Use vassal better than piranha
Warrior 31days ago
Wow, Thank you so much for sharing this deck, It's actually better than the unhappy girl decks I've seen since this deck has the potential for a full 8k
Anoymous 29days ago
Amazing one and cheap
Maarkuuzaa 27days ago
Best Deck Ever! 100% win rate +8K rewards!


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This deck is still a monster. I'm surprised it's barely used anymore. Everyone seems to...
this card is fine, your the one overreacting , what were u thinking?? just cause u got your ass W...
Im simple. Whe i see Toon Kindom, i surrender already.
first of all that image does not look like photoshopped, whoever said it was is a dickweed and do...
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