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Normal summon this, and before you attack use "Axe of Fools" on him that half atk effect will be negated and he becomes a nice 4000 atk monster on the field. He still only lasts until end phase thou
Do you know why he's still destroyed at the end phase, wouldn't axe of fools negate his destruction?
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wording maybe? (idk too) but mist archfiend effect can be negated with axe of fools but not this card.
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Most likely, the destruction is part of his Summoning Condition. Which is something that cannot be negated.
The best answer to why he's destroyed is this.

It's an exception due to Konami OCG ruling.

There's a card called "Skill Drain" which negates the effects of monsters, just like Axe of Fools. And that's how it was ruled. The effect of losing half ATK/DEF is negated, but it's still destroyed at the End phase.
Effects can still be activated, so even with Axe equipped you can still activate the Emperor's effect. You will still need to banish one card (because it's a cost, which is not negated), but you will NOT be able destroy one card (because it's an effect). In short, don't use his ability, or you'll just end up throw ling one card away (not to graveyard, but banished).


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