Structure Deck: Return of the Red-Eyes

I wish they had brought in some more res eyes fusions, as out of the few that we have, only one is viable, and it requires putting in warriors, most of which don't really go well with Red-eyes
At least they could've given us Red-Eyes Gearfried =/
<< Anonymous
Name me
maybe next main box they have gearfried and black stone of legends :)
best warrior I can think of are Geminis so you have more than one revive option through return of the red eyes
I would suggest you to wait Atticus bring in Red-Eyes support cards in future :)
<< Anonymous
Other Red-Eyes Fusion Monsters are far too powerful for a 4000 LP duel.
They didn't released end dragoon and Destiny Hero dystopia for reasons, and so other red eyes fusion.
<< Anonymous
4000 LP is BS. Even with 8k the game would be too fast
Buster Blader go quite well with Red-Eyes.

Although yeah, as one of the above anons said, we should have gotten Red-Eyes Gearfried as well......


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Most of Ishizu and Zane's Cyber Dragon cards are in boxes. A characters cards being in boxes...
This seems less useful than the original.
1st turn summon xex special yagan and set W nebula meteorite. Xex is almost guaranteed to survive...
it seems good for cycling between excess monsters and adding Dark magic Circle
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