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This card will never be "bad." If it hits big, it slows your opponent's deck down to a crippled state.
Only newbs say this battle trap bad, act like they know everything, duel link is still far from tcg, "battle trap" is still a "thing" in duel link

Newcomer on dl often say "this bla bla is dead" " bla bla 🔥 this card" etc act like they know everything lmao without realizing they r the foolish one

As long as people still relying on backrow "battle trap" will never dead, learn about that mf
<< Anonymous
how do you beat ag?
lol battle trap always bad because opponet need to attack to trigger their effect so deck with backrow removal(which common now on meta) or armades-like effect can dodge their effect.
AG and Armades can dodge the effect.
Can’t respond to backrow removal like cosmic cyclone or galaxy cyclone.
Can’t respond to trunade.

Just play canadia instead
<< Anonymous
Not everyone spends their whole life on Yugioh Duel Links my guy.


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The other one is on your opponent's field, so you only need one spell.
I got it, 1000 prismatic cards
Triamids and Vendreds aren't so good now but at least they have some tournament performances...
Just another way to keep you logging back into the game. Very scummy tactic.
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