Electromagnet: deck recipe [July 23]

Is it worth building this or is it just going to get Karma Cut the moment you bring out the boss?
Not worth. Not only it'll karma cut but it'll also get brut alized by any decent deck. This deck real win con is to turbo out Plasma and there are cheaper decks capable of getting 3 tributes on the field faster.

Also the balance version (balance carries the deck btw) will di e in a few days
<< Anonymous
Sad but about what I expected, shame
You have to prepare the field with diamond dire wolf and Alucard to clear backrow before summoning the boss.
<< Anonymous
If your name is Dkayed, then you must build this deck. As it seems, it is among his favourite decks, although far from tier atm.
<< Anonymous
Dkayed decks are basically a compilation of book of moon, karma cut, raigeki break, fiendish chain, canadia, floodgate, lance, etc.
My decklist opinion
Alpha x2
Beta x3
Gamma x1
Delta x2
Wheeleder x3
Berserkion x2

Lance x2
BoM x1
Magnet reverse x1
Offerings to the doomed x1
Conc Current x2(beatdown)/Legacy clash x2(control)
Kurogane x2
Magnetic zone x1

Ex deck
Coral Dragon
Nightmare shark(beatdown)/Barkion(control)
<< Anonymous
I forgot magnetic field, important field extenders. Deck sized of 24 cards is optimal get substantial draw power from kurogane Delta, Beta and Magnetic field.
You may take out zone but it's good not to leave you defenseless in clutch moment. Zeta takes care of shiranui well enough
<< Anonymous
Gameplay use extra deck to clear out problematic opponents card before trying to bring out Berserkion, plus your win con is spread evenly between Shiranui Brrionac Coral Alucard/Alpha(Delta)
<< Anonymous
I won 90% of my games against Magnets with Karma cut.
It can only be prolematic if they somehow throw too much meat at you in the same turn (Gorgonic Guardian and something else and only then the boss)


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There's a DSOD design Dark Magician playmat for 100 summons, that's the only one I know...
You cannot use Mahad as a cost
Girag 13
Will we get Ice Hand & Fire Hand or only the trash cards?
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