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Must be Fusion Summoned and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. The ?? - Hex-Sealed Fusion doesn't work with most elemental hero. Another mislead tips, gameA don't know how to play with fusion deck.
Anoymous still can fusion summon normally by using a Sealed Hex. Sealed Hex also works as a normal fusion substitute, you know
<< Anonymous
Yeah, except they devoted half a paragraph in the article to being able to Special Summon Plasma Vice with the Hex-Sealed's effect without using Polymerization.
GameA is not a single person. GameA runs by multiple "humans" without taking money from your pocket. And "humans" do mistake sometimes. It's called "human mistake". Be forgiving or leave and create your own website. At least most of other info they have is right
<< Anonymous
Mistakes happen. As does lack of effort. It's not just the occasional mistake. They happen really often.
<< Anonymous
Interestingly, it seems someone at Gamea struggles to understand what Sealed Hex cards actually do. This is not the first time an article suggest to use Sealed Hex despite the Sealed Hex being unable to be used in the way the article suggested.


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But the balance is no working, always get 2 monster and 2 trap, seldom get spell card. Great Job ...
Because in this case, he doesn't have them yet.
nah man Shiranuis are pretty strict on only using Zombie Tuners.
Lol there are TONS of arbitrary cards with no particular archetype that either require you to use...
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