King of Game decks [July 2018]

guys is spellbook still tier 1 in this current meta? Or go lower tier
Silent Six Samurai
I barely see Spellbooks anymore. Guess Fate is too costly, and its primary prey was Komushroomo after all.
It got replaced by P2W Silent version.
Spellbook is still tier 1 I believe.
It's just that the list in this site doesn't represent the actual number of KOG in the whole world.

This site can only post those who shared their KOG status & deck here.
I'm a spellbooks player. I'd say they're still Tier 1, as they still have the same amount OTK ability, and may still be able to take out Fur Hire. But the meta is currently just swarmed with Silent Spellbooks and Fur Hire right now.
I'm a spellbooks player (no silent magician sadly) and I've playing but without restart my hands are mistly awful. But when i have a good one i win other meta decks.



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Is there a specific box to get the gemini cards from?
broken vs spellbook and amazoness!
wha is in Hagoromo deck 1 card ur and 1 sr but its the same card
Yeah, because it's Konami's fault you spent a bunch of money on cards without even chec...
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