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I don't think we get a new animation
I have to agree. They didnt gave us one during the last event, so I highly doupt they are gonna give us now. If I am not mistaken until now only Blair has 0 summoning videos.
<< Anonymous
Fetih 1453
Ishizu also don't has a summoning videos.
We're getting it. They didn't have it during the roaming event cause they need the time to develop it. It's no different from Flame Wingman not being given an animation earlier on.
<< Anonymous
To be fair, Blair's ace is so crap that even in Duel Links it isn't used, so it's not surprising that she's got no summoning videos.
<< Anonymous
The animation will be available for UR from a coming main box of course.


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Cope. I have nothing to do with this conversation.
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
1, 2 at most, you only use the card as filler to complete the 20 cards minimum, the box cards are...
How would you even get that out in an aroma deck?
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