Unhappy Girl to farm Super Joey Lvl 40: deck recipe

I won 3 duels in a row using this deck. I think it's more reliable than surprise present deck as this deck can handle well the stamping destruction. One problem is a duel assessment is quite low, around 6000+. Is there any way to switch some cards to use vassal + union atk instead?
I mean, you could switch easily Riryoku + Gift of the Martyr + Piranha Army for Vassal + 2 Union Attacks, it's absolutely the same.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Thanks man. But with that method, you can't make 10000 damage. 700(Vassal)+2*3000(BEWD)+2*400(UG) = 7500 damage. You will get 200 assessment points less than Piranha with 10000 damage. The hard part of playing Vassal Union is you need more card (one more UA, BEWD, or cards to summon BEUD or Oz) than Piranha
<< Anonymous
You could try using Blue Eyes Ultimate instead with mythical beast of serket and temple of kings that should made 10k and allow you too keep unhappy girl out. Just don't let him wind art the ultimate
<< Anonymous
I would like to do that but one problem is Union Attack combo needs more cards than Piranha combo.
For UA combo you need; 1.Temple of the Kings 2.Serket 3.Vassal 4.UA 5.UA/Spell Reclamation

While for Piranha combo you need; 1.BEWD 2.Piranha 3.GotM 4.Riryoku

Actually one more card (totally 21)is ok for this deck since you will draw faster using Rai-Mei and Crystal Seer
<< Anonymous
Anyway, I found this deck not consistent enough and has turned to Suijin/Heavy Starter deck which is far more consistent
<< Anonymous
I won about 90% with BEUD as you only need to draw 2 UGs to win. And how many cards it takes doesn't really matter when you're stalling till your last card anyway
<< Anonymous
My deck only uses 20 cards and wins 90% of the time with UA/UG



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This is my first build. Won 4/5 ranking duels. Lost only to one silent magician deck and I had a ...
God you people are stupid it's not even a legendary duelist all this is the boosted duel orb...
Uhh... It's good card
Because face-down Attack position is a good meme.
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